Phrasal verbs. Part 3. AWAY

Away: "somewhere else, or to or in a different place, position, or situation so that you never see it again".

1) To surprise or please someone very much: ( Informal). Flipar, molar, alucinar.
Synonyms: impress, knock sb out, please.

The ending will blow you away: Fliparás con el final.

2) To kill a person by shooting them: (Informal). Cargarse a alguien, mandarlo al otro barrio.  Synonyms: knock sb off, polish sb off, pop sb off, rub sb out, do away with sb.

This phrasal verb can be heard in this crazy song, but -hey- don't take its words too seriously!

 Blow 'Em Away
by Chuck Brodsky

Every morning, I commute.
Mild-mannered man. In a business suit.
When I wanna come home at the end of my day
There's all these other cars stacked up in my way.
I pull up behind one
Pull out my pistol
Blow 'em away

When I'm driving my car I just wanna go fast
But there's this slow car, won't let me pass
I flash my lights. I honk my horn.
Well.... I have to consider him warned.
I pull up behind him
Pull out my pistol
Blow 'em away

Jesse James behind the wheel
It's high noon in my automobile
You call me crazy,
You call me sick
Yeah, I got to get to where I'm going to quick

Son of a bitch, he cut me off.
Three whole lanes he pulled across
Made me mad. Made me swerve.
Son of a bitch got what he deserved.
I pulled up behind him
Pulled out my pistol
Blew 'em away.

Oh, look
Motorcycle, is riding between
He's splittin' lanes, if you know what I mean
This cuttin' in line that's an act of war
I saw him comin'. I opened my door.
Knocked him over
Pulled out my pistol
Blew 'em away

Jesse James behind the wheel
It's high noon in my automobile
You call me crazy,
You call me sick
Yeah, I got to get to where I'm going to quick

Little ol' lady, bless her heart.
She's walkin' her poodle 'cross the boulevard.
It was wearin' a red knitted sweater, little knitted hat
Probably named "Fifi" or somethin' stupid like that!
I say, "Here Fifi"
Pulled out my pistol
Blew it away.

GET CARRIED AWAY: "to become so excited about something that you do not control what you say or do". Emocionarse o entusiasmarse con algo y llevarlo al extremo, írsele a uno la olla. Synonym: overdo.

Do you remember this video? If you watch it again, you'll hear this phrasal verb:

GIVE SB AWAY:To show someone's secret feelings. Delatar, "decirlo todo". Synonyms: show, express, signify, make noticeable, reveal.
She thinks no one knows how much she likes him, but her face when I said he'd be there really gave her away: Cree que nadie sabe que le gusta, pero cuando dije que él estaría allí, su cara le delató / lo dijo todo..

1)To tell people something secret, often without intending to. Escapársele a uno, desvelar (un secreto). Synonym: let sth slip.
The party was meant to be a surprise, but Sharon gave it away: Se suponía que la fiesta era una sorpresa pero a Sharon se le escapó y lo dijo.

2) To give something to someone without asking for payment. Regalar, donar, obsequiar. Synonyms: grant, present, render.
Nobody wants this type of heater any more - I can't even give it away!Ya nadie quiere esta clase de calentador, no vale ni para regalar.

Do you remember Red Hot Chili Peppers' Give It Away song?  The meaning behind this song is all about the philosophy of altruistic behaviour. Apparently vocalist Anthony Kiedis was very touched when his former girlfriend, punk rock singer Nina Hagen, gave him her favourite jacket. She said, 'if you have a closet full of clothes and you try to keep them all, your life will get very small. But if you have a full closet and someone sees something they like, if you give it to them, the world is a better place.'

Kiedis adopted Hagen's philosophy and later explained, 'it was such an epiphany that someone would want to give me her favorite thing. That stuck with me forever. Every time I'd be thinking 'I have to keep,' I'd remember 'No, you gotta give away instead.' 

Here is the video:

This phrasal verb can also be heard on this video about tiny house builder Dee Williams' experience of living in a small house, a growing trend in the US: (Clic here for the transcript)

Watch The 'tiny house' movement on PBS. See more from Need To Know.


Phrasal verbs. Part 2. AFTER

After: "Later in time".

ASK AFTER SOMEBODY: Preguntar por alguien (su estado de salud)

Tell your father I was asking after him: Dile a tu padre que he preguntado por él.

CALL AFTER / NAME AFTER: Poner de nombre por (algo o alguien)

John was named after his grandad: Le pusieron John por su abuelo.

COME AFTER / GO AFTER: Perseguir, ir detrás de.

The police went after him but he got away: Fue perseguido por la policía pero consiguió escaparse.
My husband came after me for so long that I finally agreed to marry him: Mi marido fue detrás de mí tanto tiempo que al final acepté casarme con él.

TAKE AFTER SOMEBODY: Parecerse a, salir a (alguien de la familia) 
He takes after his mother: Ha salido a su madre.

LOOK AFTER: Cuidar, hacerse cargo de.

We look after the neighbours' cat while they're away: Cuidamos del gato de los vecinos cuando están fuera.